Pump Sets

These fully integrated, engineered, self-contained, pre-packaged and pre-wired package pumping systems are the perfect answer to meet today’s…

Tank Monitor Systems:

Phillips Fueling Systems

Omntec Wireless Tank Monitoring Controller

The OEL8000II-W is a comprehensive tank overfill protection and inventory management controller that can simultaneously monitor up to 99 FillCheck level alarm sensors or Datastik inventory monitoring probes.​
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Fueling Dispensers


Automatic Tank Gauging & Leak Detection System

Our most versatile system for tank monitoring and leak detection with our 7" color touch screen.

LU-OW1 Oil-Water Separator Controls

OMNTEC’s LU-OW controllers are designed to be used with oil/water separators.

OEL 8000 II Tank Monitor System

The OEL8000II is a comprehensive tank-gauging and leak-detection system that can simultaneously monitor product levels, water levels, temperatures and leaks in up to 8 tanks. 
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Since 1985

Typical Application Drawings

Provide and install a factory assembled "Packaged" Duplex Fuel Oil Pump Set.

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Fuel Polishers

Phillips Pump’s fuel oil purify systems are self-contained, pre-packaged and pre-wired units specifically designed to purify and filter stored diesel fuel.

3000 Series Cut Sheets

Fleetmaster by Bennett Mechanical Commercial Pumps & Dispensers

Off loading equipment

Our cast iron self priming centrifugal pumps are the perfect answer for off-loading transports.

Day tanks

Phillips Pump double wall (PDWT) day tanks provide a ready supply of oil or diesel fuel for boilers, diesel generators, or other stationary, engine-driven or burner-fired equipment.  
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